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A Message From Our Founder 


Welcome to the Property Intellects Website! Here, we will post updates and information about our current projects and upcoming events in the company. 

I founded this company on July 19, 2020. The main mission is to build homes for both families and couples. I work on renovating incredibly old, dirty, and abandoned houses and making them dream houses!

I was captivated by watching property improvement shows in the UK. I was inspired by how other entrepreneurs turn horrid buildings into fantastic and luxurious homes for people to live in. 

My dream is to make amazing homes and see them creating the perfect realm for relaxing, fun, and great for families! I love to explore properties and think about the potential they have in them! I look forward to seeing this company rise and the properties shine in the near future. 

I always remember while working about why I am doing this. One of the things that I stand by is very crucial in life— Home is where the heart is. I want to make homes for people to feel at home and to revel in and savour every second at home. Maybe with their families, or other fellow occupants (for HMO’s), I want everyone who lives in our homes to feel at home. 

That said, I look forward to the future of the company and its projects. I hope to learn more about this field of engineering and share my wisdom via this site. 

Please keep coming to the website to join us on this adventure for the company together! Contact us via the contact us page! Or by emailing

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Founder of Property Intellects 

Our Current Project

Coming soon...

We are currently working on ztarting a new project soon. Stay tuned!

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